Beauty Wednesday 🌸

  What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You??? 💄👛

There are many ways to find out things about personality of a person…including the shade of their lipstick!!!
Red, pink, purple, natural… there are some many colors for lipsticks. But, every women prefers a specific shade and it is said that the color of your favourite lipstick says a few things about your personality. Even the shape of your lipstick says a lot about you…let’s find out more.
What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You? 
1. Light red – You are a discreet person. This choice says that you are quite an  individualistic person, but does not make you boring. You pay great attention to personal life and you respect it.
2. Scarlet red – You are a person with high self- confidence, but very passionate. You like to be admired by others and you do not mind at all if others see your sensual side.
3. Purple – You like to have control, even you are not doing this intentionally. You’re not necessarily a person to show off its capabilities, but you know exactly what you’re doing. You are organized and patient. You prefer to plan everything very carefully before taking decisions.
4. Peach color – You’re a good, gentle and generous person. You value your family and friends and you are always by their side when they need support. You like to offer your time and energy to others.
5. Baby pink – You desire that others to think of you as “adorable”. You like cute things in general, which have a very nice and tidy aspect. You have a weakness for children and animals.
6. Unusual colors: blue, green, yellow – If you don’t fear to wear such a color on your lips, then surely you’re an extremely creative person with a very vivid imagination. Art plays an important role in your life and you like to think freely.
7. Black – Doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a negative person, but it shows a darker side of you. You have a macabre humor and it’s not easy to find something to amuse you.


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