#Monday Motivation: Inside a Real-Life Fairy Tale Forest #ArtAsInspiration

Photographer Ellie Davies uses the woods as her inspiration, transporting us to a place where anything is possible. 

 Smoke & Mirrors , 2010 

Photograph by Ellie Davies

Looking at one of Ellie Davies’ photographs takes you to the edge of an enchanted forest humming with the possibility of fantastical things about to happen. Many of the images are from a place right out of the pages of a fairy tale—New Forest, which is an area of wooded land, heathland and pasture in southern England dating back to medieval times. Davies grew up in a thatched cottage near here with twin sister, with whom she spent many hours doing what is now a luxury to many—exploring the woods.

  Stars, 2014-2015 

Photograph/ Illustration by Ellie Davies

  Come With Me, 2010

Photograph by Ellie Davies

Davies has produced several series since focusing on this theme, all building off of each other. The forest is her studio and her inspiration. The ideas come to her from walks or drives through the woods, when her mind is open to unexpected connections. In some of her projects, she introduces elements into the scene—plumes of smoke, painted branches, pathways of ferns, or, in her series “Stars,” photographs of galaxies superimposed over forest glens. In others she focuses on elements that are already there, using bodies of water, for example, to guide our eye.
  Between The Trees, 2014 (My fave👌🏽❤️)
Photograph by Ellie Davies


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