Dark New Comic Book Explores a World Without Antibiotics

In Surgeon X, a vigilante doctor tries to save lives in a near-future dystopia where millions are dying of simple infections.  In Surgeon X, set in 2036 London, a dystopian future is imagined for a population resistant to antibiotics. 


The place is London. The year is 2036. And the story of Surgeon X a monthly graphic novel written by British filmmaker Sara Kenney and published by U.S. is off to a gritty, gory, swear-y start.

Surgeon X, which began publishing in September on paper and online its second issue is just out—is an intense, dark drama set inside a thought experiment. It takes place in a world where the worst predictions of the rise of resistant bacteria have come true: Antibiotics have run out of usefulness, millions are dying of simple infections, and hospitals have become death traps. A repressive government has cracked down to save the few drugs that remain and, to decide who gets them, has introduced a “Productivity Contribution Index” that downvotes anyone unhealthy, marginalized, or poor.
At the center of the story is Rosa Scott: young, talented, sick of bureaucrats, and sick at heart over the mysterious death of her mother, a microbiologist who was looking for new antibiotic compounds out in the wild. Working around her distinguished surgeon father and microbiologist twin sister, and recruiting her schizophrenic brother to help, she builds a secret outlaw clinic to save those whom society won’t protect—and, maybe, loses herself in the process. An incredible new comic!!! Give it a read!-KS


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