Friday Beauty🌸:

Laura Mercier Joie de Vivre Collection Spring 2017 Colour Powder in Windflush, and Lipsticks in Happy, Smile and Joy 
  The lipsticks and blush from the Laura Mercier Joie de Vivre spring 2017 collection

Limited edition Joie de Vivre has been on counters for a while, with some lip pencils, a mascara, a cake liner, a blush and three lipsticks, and of course I’ve been wanting to try the colorful products (you know me) — Windflush Color Powder for Cheeks & Eyes ($40 and the three Joie de Vivre Lipsticks, Smile, Joy and Happy ($28 each).

Beautifully baked Windflush Blush is a peachy pink with a matte finish and a bananas wear time. I mean, I wore it one day last weekend for 12 hours (!), and it didn’t fade a bit. There’s something about those baked formulas, man… They hang on and won’t let go. If you have oily cheeks and blush usually scoots right off your skin, I bet it’ll work really well for you.

Incidentally, I think it’s also gorgeous as an eyeshadow. I like it as a wash all over the lid with a navy liner on my upper lash line.

And don’t you just love the names of these lip colors? Happy, Smile and Joy? Those are three good words right there. 🙂 They’re from Laura’s Velour Lovers Lip Colour line of semi-matte unflavored, unscented lipsticks. They’re crazy beautiful and pigmented, and they have the most unusual finish that’s about half matte and half subtle pearl.

If you’ve been wanting to try the metallic lip trend but haven’t been able to bring yourself to go full-on metal, you can dip your toe into the water with these. 

 From the left: Lipsticks in Happy, Smile and Joy, and the Colour Powder in Windflush

Oh là là! The Joie de Vivre collection is available meow at Laura Mercier counters and online.

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