Luxe Tuesday💍

New luxury fragrances for him: Gems and scents make the Bulgari Le Gemme Collection for Men  
Back in 2014, Bulgari, that is best known for its jewellery creations launched the Le Gemme Collection for women and are now following up with the Le Gemme Collection for Men. Inspired by the discoveries made while in search of precious stones, the collection comprises of six fragrances for him, that have been developed by Jacques Cavallier. We take a look at each scent to find out what inspired — three of which will be available here. 

Gyan (The Sapphire)
These fragrances come in some good-looking bottles and Gyan might be the best-looking one. This perfume might have given Cavallier some trouble. He had to work with a notoriously difficult ingredient that plays hard to get (right) — Patchouli — which meant taking away anything that might make you annoyed to get its smell-worthy essence, then add Jasmine. You should really thank the man when you smell great. 

Garanat (The Red Garnet)
What on earth is rose doing in a men’s perfume? That was our first reaction when we realised Garanat is essentially rose and incense. We arent Master Perfumers, so we humbly submit to Cavallier’s talent in creating a masculine scent with the flower. 

Ambero (The Amber)
Don’t stare into this bottle for too long. with the Sun being the main inspiration, that may actually be some sound advice. Okay, so we more than exaggerate. You get Vetiver and Indian ginger — scents full of energy like the star we orbit around — all in one bottle.
You can purchase Bvlgari Le Gemme Cyan, Garanat and Ambero from The Heeren Robinsons, Takashimaya, and Escentials Paragon at S$499.00 each.


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