Luxe Tuesday💍:Luxury sailing catamaran: Leopard 45 boasts top speed and new exterior look!⛵️

The guys over at Robertson and Caine in Cape Town have designed a stunning new addition to the Leopard range: the 45. Working with Simonis & Voogd Yacht Design, they have managed to integrate all the best aspects of other Leopard models into a newly-styled exterior. What you end up with is a multihull sailing catamaran that is one of the best looking and fastest on the market.
From the outside, compared to its predecessor, the 44, onlookers will notice the redesign of the wrap-around deck. Gone are the curvaceous walking areas and in are sharper lines and angles. You’ll also find a stylish new rooftop covering the saloon. It’s large too, and reaches from the forward cockpit all the way to the aft cockpit. The new styling makes the Leopard look like it’s going fast, even when you’re moored at your home marina.
Owners will have the option of a three or four cabin layout, which revolves around entertaining guests. The aft area has increased in size and the open plan layout with L-shaped forward facing seating is perfect for lounging around or having that important business lunch. Meanwhile, the wrap-around windows are larger and let in a lot of light, while providing unparalleled visibility. There’s even a glass roof over the dining area and large sliding glass doors that open to the stern. When it’s dark out, hidden lights add a subtle illumination to the living space. Little touches like these make all the difference and adds to the quality we’ve come to expect from Leopard.


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