Health & Fitness πŸ’ͺ🏽:Rise and shine! Healthy habits for the early morning!

Having a early morning routine to me is key.
Below are some things I have brought into my daily routine over the past year, and they have really paid off towards my health and fitness goals.

Sure, we all don’t have lots of time first thing in the morning. However if it means something to you then you will make time for what’s important to you. I generally won’t get through everything here first thing in the morning but if I can get at least 2 in every morning, I am doing well.
10 mins of yoga, meditation, or gratitude

To me, Yoga is a fantastic thing we should really all at least try.

Meditation is something that I practice every now and then once I can get into the right frame of mind. It does work for certain people but you do need to find that time and place for it to work. I use the quote β€œslow down to speed up” a lot and this is really an area you might be able to bring that focus to.

Fitness to me isn’t just about lifting weights, going to the gym, eating your broccoli or going out for a run; your mental fitness is just as important as your physical well-being.
Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is another thing I would do as often as possible. I find that working on gratitude and appreciation is another protocol I would also encourage.

Start your day with listing three things that you are grateful to have in your life. Being grateful for your health, your fitness, your previous sporting accomplishments, the people around you motivating and encouraging you to the food on your plate, is something I believe is also great for your body and mind
15 mins of body maintenance

Do at least 15 minutes of daily body maintenance. This is going to help you recover better, help you train without tightness a bit more, decrease the chance of picking up an injury and overall just be a good benefit to your day.

A basic 15-minute flow of drills or yoga will really help you out. Doing light active recovery like an easy walk or even having an Epsom salts hot bath can help.
Plan your week/day ahead/Journaling

I have used this five-minute journal in the past and it has really helped me focus more and keep me on track. Keeping a journal like this is great as it will hold you accountable to your goals, keep you motivated and will be a good checklist on what went right and wrong for you on the day so you can keep getting better. I now have a very basic journal and I fill it up with daily quotes like above to keep me motivated and inspired.
Read, watch or listen to something motivating for 5 minutes

Most mornings I will try and start my day as positive as possible and another angle I have found useful is by listening, watching or even reading something positive and motivating to get me going. I use anything and everything from Youtube, bloggers/writers even down to one or two of my favorite quotes from certain books to get the head in the right frame of mind.

I feel starting your day with exercise is extremely beneficial in many ways and can only set you up right for the day ahead. But, work doesn’t usually permit that for me since I have to be at work really early!!!

Some benefits of an early morning session

Increase fat burn
Brain boosting/increased daily energy

Rev up metabolism

Can lead to better work quality and focus for remainder of day

Improves body clock and daily function pattern

If you are struggling to stomach some food prior to a early morning session this is what i recommend:
At least eight hours sleep prior to session β€” if not don’t waste your time heading for a workout. Sleep deprivation can lead to many negatives and is something that is only going to halt your progress. I rate sleep/stress levels/mental health/sex drive/hormonal balance the foundation of lifestyle and exercise.

Aim to drink a glass of water/eat a handful of nuts or berries upon waking, then hit the early morning gym session. Following that, have a good breakfast after training. Post workout, a good amount of carbs and protein for breakfast is ideal. Performance and body composition can be greatly improved with proper pre and post-workout nutrition.

Generally I would stay away from pre-workout supplements which typically contain a cocktail of artificial stimulants. A very simple coffee works well for me. I am a big coffee fan and generally will have 1-2 a day. Anything over that, I generally go a little wonky and doesn’t really agree with me.


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