With the gradual arrival of beautiful weather, picnics in the park, and pool party invitations over the next several weeks, it’s safe to say you’ll be drinking plenty of rosé in the very near future — especially now that the boozy pink stuff comes in forties. But it looks like a beverage at the other end of the color spectrum might be among your day drinking options this summer: blue sparkling wine. 

The strikingly blue bubbly is called Blumond, and it’s a sweet sparkling wine of Prosecco grapes produced by an Italian winery called Fratelli Saraceni. The company describes the wine as velvety and easy to drink thanks to strong fruity peach flavors and it gets its dazzling color from added blue curaçao, according to a report by VinePair. Along with being described as sweet, the blue wine is also only 7% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is much lower than, say, the typical rosé you’re used to sipping. At $21.99 per bottle via Saraceni’s online store, it’s probably a bit more expensive, too. 

It’s worth noting that Blumond has already been around for several years now, but the recent uptick in attention on social media and in various publications makes a lot sense, considering the ongoing colorful food and drink craze that spawned the Unicorn Frappuccino. Basically, Blumond is the Unicorn Frappuccino of wines, if you will. Saraceni is also planning to finally launch the blue stuff in its native Italy, where it’s been denounced as an insult to the nation’s winemaking tradition, and where it likely won’t meet the nation’s 10% ABV threshold to even be considered as wine, according to a report by The Drinks Business. Of course, other blue wines exist, too. 

Whether the super-sweet wine resembling Listerine will actually catch on as a summer drinking favorite remains to be seen. 


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